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Square tube TEX chair: 
61x57x90cm high, 90CM high, 48CM wide, 45CM long, 44CM high, 43CM wide, 46CM deep, 61CM high armrest, 57CM wide outside the armrest, 57CM front foot distance, 48CM rear foot distance, 56CM front and rear foot distance; armrest, front foot 38X18X1.4MM square tube, 25X25X25X1.4MM square tube back, 25X25X25X1.2 wearing cloth tube, seat X15X1.2 wearing cloth tube Cloth tube.
150X90 rectangular table: 
square tube table frame, flat rectangular pin, table height 71CM, table frame 46 * 40 * 1.2 aluminum tube, 5MM tempered glass built-in, table foot 40 * 16 * 1.2 rectangular tube welded into four pieces of back screw connection; color plastic parts, galvanized hardware, outdoor powder spraying.
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